The provision of portable fire extinguishers should be in accordance with BS 5306 and should be determined by your fire risk assessor as part of your fire risk assessment report.

Fire Extinguishers

Overview of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

The number and locations of these appliances should be determined by your service provider but be aware of over provision and if in doubt contact your fire risk assessor fir advice.

Portable extinguishers are a requirement under the Fire Safety Order 2005 and since the introduction of this order there is a requirement to use these appliances to extinguish small fires, if safe to do so, to prevent a small fire developing into a larger building fire and the loss of employment and damage to the atmosphere. and property, in addition to the original recommended use of 'protect any escape route' when escaping a building on fire.

All portable extinguishers should be serviced annually and depending on the type of appliance, discharged at intervals or replaced as per manufacturers requirements. Documentation should be provided to confirm servicing has taken place and that there is an annual contract in place.