Fire Investigation Services can easily be overlooked when determining the cause of a fire. There are highly trained and ‘competent’ fire investigators working in the fire industry. Always ensure that the person you hire is qualified and more importantly, has practical knowledge and can prove their experience. It is also desirable for them to have had experience in a local authority fire and rescue service, as a fire investigator. These individuals can determine how a fire started, the route the fire took from the seat of origin, and the most likely cause. They can act as ‘expert witnesses’ for both the prosecution and/or defence in all types of fire investigations legal cases, including arson.


General Overview of Fire Investigation Services

The ‘competent’ fire investigator has many years of experience and has attended many fire incidents. They know the chemistry of fire, its behaviour and as importantly, the likely behaviour of people involved in fire incidents. They investigate alongside the police, and their success rate is very high. They are also employed by many insurance companies, and in many fires involving fatalities, to decide if there have been unlawful acts carried out. The fire investigator works in a very specialised area and the role takes years of experience. The behaviour of fire can also involve many aspects at the scene as well as technical data stored and case studies over many years. It can also involve understanding human behaviour and getting to the route cause can take months of painstaking investigation leading to a supposed cause. Scientific support from the police forces also works in unison with the fire investigator. 

The collection of evidence from any fire scene is critical and be the main pieces of evidence used during any court hearing, so there has to be very strict control of this material to ensure it is not contaminated when removed from the scene. 

The fire investigator is also an expert in mechanical and electrical installations and often uses this knowledge and practical experience in following the pattern of burn from any identified ignition source. On a number of occasions, it is the list of possible causes that are eliminated for particular reasons, that then leads to discovering the actual cause. This can be determined even at incidents where the property or contents have been either severely, damaged or totally destroyed by fire. 

The expert fire investigator has many years in the business and has a very inquisitive mind, backed by an array of incidents they have attended and they never cease to learn more at every single incident. If you require this service please get in touch with your requirement, all information is kept in the strictest of confidence either call on 01332 498894 or fill out the enquiry form below, alternatively email us at