This service is usually performed by a ‘competent’ fire risk assessor or fire engineer. Generally it is a service offered on an hourly or day rate basis and it may include basic advice on fire safety, more complex and detailed advice on complex build design, working out and providing smoke movement calculations for building regulation approvals, plan examinations, representation in legal cases for either the prosecution or defence, expert witness advice, fire investigations and much more on buildings ‘active’ and ‘passive’ fire systems etc.

Fire Safety Consultants

Overview of Fire Safety Consultancy Services

The above is not an exhaustive list and your consultant may offer other services if they are experienced and ‘competent’. They should have a minimum qualification as a fire expert in fire engineering, such as Graduate of the Institute of Fire Engineers, but check them carefully as there are many people purporting to be experts who do not have suitable qualifications, or as importantly, the experience in your particular sector.