Every emergency lighting system installed in a building must be maintained and be inspected by a 'competent' person at least once yearly. The routine inspection must be documented, and records kept on-site where the emergency lighting is installed.

Emergency Fire Exit Light

Overview of Emergency Lighting Maintenance Services

The system must also be tested monthly by the occupier and all lighting points tested. These tests must also be well documented, and any failures rectified as soon as possible. If any building works is instigated a review of the emergency lighting system must be undertaken by your fire risk assessor and the recommendation implemented within a reasonable time. Third-party accreditation is also widely recommended and advised in the fire safety order. The standard of system installed must be determined by your fire risk assessor not your emergency lighting engineer, as too many times there is an over-provision recommended. A point to consider is that any fire safety measures recommended, must have a cost versa risk on a proportionate scale.