Astro FR Fire resistant Putty 1kg

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Key Features

  • Fire Putty with fire resistance testing to EN 1366-3 EI 120, and BS 476 240mins.
  • Fire Classification to EN 13501-2.
  • Certifier 3rd Party Accreditation.
  • Tested with metallic pipes and cables, please refer to the test certification.
  • Highly flexible and water resistant.
  • Halogen free, resists fungi and vermin.


This Fire Resistant Putty is a solvent free, easy to use, fire resistant putty, which is ideal for sealing around pipes and cables in solid walls and floors. Tested to EN1366-3 on C1, C2 and D1 Type Cables and Metallic Pipes. Causes no known detrimental effects to plastic pipes, plastic cables, sheathing or metallic components.

The Fire Resistant Putty is designed to remain flexible allowing thermal and mechanical movement of services. The flexibility of the putty enables complex and irregular shapes and openings to be fire stopped. Ideal for electrical, telecommunications and other such industries.

The Fire Resistant Putty has been independently tested in accordance with BS476: Part 20: 1987 and EN1366-3 and can provide up to 4 hours fire resistance depending on depth and volume (Refer to the Certifier certificate). Tested in block, concrete, masonry walls and floors.

*For specific details please refer to the test certification.


Description for Astro Putty Result Test Standard
Packaging 1kg Pail
Colour White
Density 1.55 g/cm³ ISO 2811-1:2011
pH Value 8.2
Solids 82%
Shore A Hardness 50
Application temperature +5°C to +45°C
Water Resistance Good when fully cured
U.V Resistance Good
Joint Movement ±10%
Fire Resistance EI 120 & 240 mins. EN 1366-3, BS476
Fire Classification EN 13501-2
Expected Shelf Life 12 months from DOM Store in dry conditions unopened