Astro LC Loft Cone (30mins) - Size (240 x 160mm)

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Key Features

  • F-Capped Flanged Fire Hood 30 minute fire rated.
  • Tested for 50 Watt lamps.
  • Tested to BS EN 60598.1 and 60598.2.2 with 50 Watt Dichroic Lamps and approved to be fully buried in insulation.
  • BS 476 Part 20 : 1987.
  • Airtightness tested to BS EN 1026 for maximum thermal efficiency.
  • Tested to BS EN 1363-1 and in accordance with BS EN 1364-2.
  • Easily fitted - simply drop over light fitting and seal with mastic to form vapour seal.
  • Save energy by limiting heat loss into loft space.
  • Allows continuous insulation over lights.
  • Fully tested to prevent overheating.
  • Reduces fire risk by keeping combustibles away from hot downlight.
  • Rigid and capable of supporting loft insulation away from light fitting.

Product Description
Recessed down lights are a common feature in many homes, however they also represent a potential fire hazard, especially if buried in loft insulation. Numerous house fires have been caused by the ignition of combustibles in ceiling spaces caused by hot down lights being covered with insulation.

The Astro LC Loft Cone are designed to provide a fire resistant solution and overcome thermal and vapour transmission into loft voids when installing recessed lights. The 'F-capped' Approved Loft Cone maintains sufficient space around the fitting to allow continuous insulation to be laid directly over light fittings minimising overheating or fire risk.

The durable and lightweight cones are simply placed over the light fittings to allow the safe installation of loft insulation. The Loft Cones are certified 'F-capped' in accordance with relevant industry standards having been tested to both BS EN 60598.1 and BS EN 60598.2.2. In addition the Loft Cones are Fire Resistance, Flammability and Airtightness tested and are certified IP6 Dust Tight.

Dimensions: External 240mm x 180mm high. Internal 200mm x 150mm high.

Product Availability
AFLOFTCON Astro LC Loft Cone 240x180mm 200x150mm

Further Fire test data available on request. Contact