Astro Fire Rated Ceiling Air Valves 80mm to 200mm

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Key Features

  • Fire rated ceiling air valves - supply and extract types.
  • 60 Minutes Fire Rating in Solid Timber Joist Floor/Ceilings Constructions.
  • 30 Minutes Fire Rating in Metal Web Joist and I-Beam.
  • Timber Joist Floor/Ceiling Constructions.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Meets requirements of Approved Document B.
  • Simple to install.
  • Highly cost effective.

Product Description
Astro-flame’s Fire Rated Air Valves are a unique and cost effective fire rated solution where recessed ceiling air valves are to be installed in fire rated floor/ceiling constructions. In a fire situation, the integral intumescent material rapidly expands to seal off the air valve to help maintain the fire resistance rating of the ceiling. This limits the risk of fire and heat spread throughout the building.

The Astro FR Ceiling Valve are available in all common sizes for both Extract and Supply. The Fire Rated Air Valve is installed as normal with air flow through the air valve unaffected. The product requires no maintenance after installation. The Astro FR Ceiling Valve suitable for domestic homes, as well as apartments, hotels and other multiple occupancy buildings where fire ratings exist.

Product Availability

  • AFFRCV80E Astro FR Ceiling Valve 80mm Extract 80mm
  • AFFRCV100E Astro FR Ceiling Valve 100mm Extract 100mm
  • AFFRCV125E Astro FR Ceiling Valve 125mm Extract 125mm
  • AFFRCV150E Astro FR Ceiling Valve 150mm Extract 150mm
  • AFFRCV200E Astro FR Ceiling Valve 200mm Extract 200mm


  • AFFRCV80S Astro FR Ceiling Valve 80mm Supply 80mm
  • AFFRCV100S Astro FR Ceiling Valve 100mm Supply 100mm
  • AFFRCV125S Astro FR Ceiling Valve 125mm Supply 125mm
  • AFFRCV150S Astro FR Ceiling Valve 150mm Supply 150mm
  • AFFRCV200S Astro FR Ceiling Valve 200mm Supply 200mm

All interested parties, designer, specifier, main contractor and specialist installers should provide access to allow the fire stopping seals to be regularly inspected and maintained, as well as records kept of such maintenance at minimum periods of 12 months, as required by the Regulatory Reform Order, and repaired if necessary. Reference should be made to the relevant Code of Practice for the Installation and Inspection of Fire Stopping.

It is vital that those entrusted to design or install a fire stopping product have the necessary levels of competence to undertake the task professionally and thoroughly. The level of competency required will be commensurate with the expected complexity of the building. All designers must eliminate, reduce or control foreseeable risks that may arise during installation, construction or maintenance when preparing or modifying designs. Clients should ensure that the principal designer and principal contractor carry out their duties under CDM regulations. The ASFP foundation course in passive fire protection provides essential knowledge as part of demonstrating competency and understanding in this key fire protection specialism.