Astro FRA Socket Box (Insert)

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Key Features

  • Easy to install putty pad alternative
  • Pre-formed inserts to fit common metal and plastic socket box types
  • BS EN 1364-1 rated for fire resistance and soundproofing.

Key Points:

  • Putty Pad Alternative - Socket Box Inserts from Astroflame.
  • Tested to BS EN 1363-1 | BS EN 1364-1 for up to 120 mins.
  • Provides an effective acoustic barrier to both impact and airborne sounds.
  • Maintains the fire protection performance of the wall- preventing or delaying the spread of fire.
  • Prevents or delays fire from entering a wall cavity and attacking the building structure.
  • The inserts are pre-formed to fit all common socket box types.
  • Simple and fast mechanical fixing, no adhesives, no mess.
  • Can be retro fitted to existing sockets / switches or fitted during wall construction.
  • Replaces time consuming plasterboard lining of sockets / switches.
  • The Socket box insert can be removed and replaced if additional wiring is required.
  • Unique flanged design holds the socket box insert in place during a fire.
  • Acoustic Tested to BS EN ISO 140-3: 1995 and BS EN ISO 717-1: 1997.


These Socket Box Inserts are used to restore the fire rating of a wall otherwise compromised by apertures and gaps following the fitting of socket boxes. This design also restores the acoustic and thermal performance of the wall and its air-tightness. Inserts are quick and easy to fit in comparison with traditional putty pads.

Once a hole is made in the wall for a recessed switch or socket box, the integrity of the construction and its ability to perform in a fire can be significantly reduced. The acoustic performance of the wall is also affected and air leakage will increase. Air leakage rates with and without socket inserts.Air leakage allows heat loss and noise transmission. A single socket can leak over 3.5 cubic metres of air per hour and the combined air leakage of all the sockets in a room can create significant thermal loss.

The material used to construct the socket insert is a good insulator, which further prevents heat loss and maintain insulation continuity of the wall. Acoustically rated to 67 dB. The socket box inserts are quicker and easier to fit that traditional putty pads. In a fire the inserts flanged design ensures that the fire resistant material remains in place to limit the spread of fire through the socket penetration. Designed to fit common plastic or metal single socket box sizes.


All interested parties, designer, specifier, main contractor and specialist installers should provide access to allow the fire stopping seals to be regularly inspected and maintained, as well as records kept of such maintenance at minimum periods of 12 months, as required by the Regulatory Reform Order, and repaired if necessary. Reference should be made to ASFP TGD 17 Code of Practice for the Installation and Inspection of Fire Stopping.


It is vital that those entrusted to design or install a fire stopping product have the necessary levels of competence to undertake the task professionally and thoroughly. The level of competency required will be commensurate with the expected complexity of the building. All designers must eliminate, reduce or control foreseeable risks that may arise during installation, construction or maintenance when preparing or modifying designs. Clients should ensure that the principal designer and principal contractor carry out their duties under CDM regulations. The ASFP foundation course in passive fire protection provides essential knowledge as part of demonstrating competency and understanding in this key fire protection specialism.