There is a legal duty on the ‘Responsible Person’ that all buildings where persons are employed to work, or where members of the public visit, are required by law to have a fire risk assessment completed by a ‘competent’ person. If there are 5 or more employees, the risk assessment must be documented.

Overview of Fire Risk Assessment Services

The fire risk assessment should identify any ‘significant finds’ and fire risks to the occupiers or relevant persons in the building. The report should also contain an ‘action plan’ to address any risks and to either remove these risks or reduce them down to an acceptable level.

The fire risk assessment must cover as a minimum the following areas:

1. Ignition sources
2. Combustible materials
3. Prevention and management
4. Means of escape
5. Fire Service operational facilities

The ‘action plan’ must be kept up to date following any actions addressed, and reference to these actions must be documented.

The fire risk assessment must be reviewed on a regular basis, and any changes to the buildings structure, layout, or occupancy type, will require a review of the original fire risk assessment. 

Our team of highly experienced and skilled fire risk assessors are available to carry out this service for you. They all have many years in the fire and rescue services, so have the practical experience and knowledge, to ensure that your assessment is ‘suitable and sufficient’ as required by the law. We have worked with many UK fire and rescue services to ensure our fire risk assessments are fully compliant and can offer this service on a daily rate or per building or group of buildings.